The legendary LAVERDA

Author: Jean-Louis OLIVE

176 pages - 254 X 254mm

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Price: 55 Euros

Publication: 26 October 2006

Presentation :

Laverda is still considered as a legendary marque (in spite of it's status as a modest family company) thanks in particular to spectacular creations like the 750 SFC - champion of 70's endurance races, the 1000 V6 - the first racing motorcycle equipped with such an engine, or the 1000 Triple - the first very large capacity motorcycle on the market and the most powerful and fastest motorbike in the world at the time, and having initiated the main tendencies of the golden age of motorcycling. In spite of all this, the books relating to Laverda are relatively rare.

Moreover, those which have been produced are long since out of print, and are often traded at very high prices on Ebay or other similar websites.

The goal of this work, after more than two years of work and research in Italy, and also in other European countries, the USA and Australia, is to restore the historical truth of the marque through its most legendary models like the 75, 100, 750, 1000, 1000 V6 and 500cc.

This book is approved and supported by the Laverda family who have written the foreword and also provided many documents and photographs, hitherto generally unknown by the public and specialists alike. It is written in English (professional translation) as the Laverda marque is also extremely famous in English-speaking countries, particularly in the UK where the Laverda 1000 Jota has reached the status of a real legend.

It includes in a final chapter a practical guide for the purchasers and collector's needs, particularly with purchase recommendations, contact addresses, specialised Web sites, etc...

In comparison with previous publications, this work proposes a new sense of detail, on historical, technical and anecdotal bases, and also a reference for the very famous models of the Fifties and Sixties which are very rarely recognised, meaning this book has no real competitor in all the existing international editions.

The author himself carried out the necessary steps, travel and research to meet with the most famous icons of the marque's history and thus joined together the elements which have imbued the documentary with such richness.

Collaborators in this work, with information and/or pictures are notably the famous rider and journalist Alan Cathcart (who won the Daytona Battle of the Twins on a Laverda 500), the champion George Fougeray (factory team rider in the endurance races), the businessman Jack McCormack (who was importer for the USA) , the engineer Franz Laimböck (who conceived the 1200 SC and "nonframe" superbikes) and numerous others famous people, and naturally, the founding family thanks to the ongoing assistance of Piero Laverda and his son Giovanni.

Painstaking work in cross-checking and confirming information with the assistance of Stephen Battisson, and successive validation by the Laverda family made it possible to give such structure to the book that it can be used today as an absolute reference, for both amateurs and collectors alike.

Lastly, one of the major assets of this work is the presentation at the end of the book, an absolute exclusive, of a study carried out by a significant international company on a future Laverda engine, derived from the famous 3 cylinders engine (including 3D drawings).

Each chapter contains the whole history and specs of each model, followed by a "focus on" a specific and famous bike + some anecdotes as well.

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