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First name : Jean-Louis
First name: Eric
Laverdamania Webmaster
Laverdissimo Webmaster
Born on: 28 February 1957
Born on: 26 November 1959
His passion for 2 wheels began very early as at 15 years old he did a very long trip, travelling all around Europe on a 'Mobylette' (moped 49cc).
The following year, he got his first real motorcycle, a Yamaha 125 AS3, on which he did some long trips again, amongst them a Saharian project, unfortunately stopped in Spain due to a crash against a car. Kawasaki 3 cylinders 2 strokes, Suzuki 750 GT then GSX and GSG1000 came after until what happened to be an eye-opener!: The discovery of the 1000 Laverda triple, then a road test of a 750 SF in 1978. The Laverda virus was catched, the future motorcycles will be Laverda only!
In 2001, he created the Laverdamania website with the purpose to make the marque better known and to bring help and information to the Laverda passionates.
In 2002, Eric became a frequent visitor of Laverdamania and also a faithful friend. Fusion between Laverdamania and Eric's documentary website, Laverdissimo, in 2005 was the ultimate result of this friendship.


Bike's passionate for ever, grand amateur of Laverda and above all an immense Laverda documentation collector. He already owns almost all the documents and objects related to Laverda (included the agricultural ones!), however he is still searching in meetings, markets or websites to get the very rare documents he couldn't have yet...
Impressed very early by a Laverda 750 SF which was regularly parked near the school where he went in the Seventies, he patiently waited to get his own one after having owned some other bikes (and a sidecar).
Destroyed by the previous owner, the SF had to be restored entirely, it is now in pristine condition and back on the road!
In 2005, he created 'Laverdissimo', a website linked to Laverdamania, which contains all Laverda documentations.
Any Laverdist is welcome to get a free access to the major part of these documents, this is also a part of Eric's passion!

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