Bleeding the brakes: Bleeding the Brembo brakes can be a bit difficult, especially for the rear brake. To do it correctly:
- Lightly tapping on the caliper with a piece of wood or a soft hammer, in order to push out the air bubbles.
Use a new pump oilcan and pump brake fluid from the bleeder nipple through the system usually this will build up a basic pressure so you can pump now the fluid out the
regular way.

- At least, if it doesn't work, remove the master cylinder and hold it horizontaly in one hand (with it`s feeder tube on top) with an appropriate tool push the piston in as far as it will go
an then let it return ALL THE WAY back to the shim and circlip that stops it coming out altogether. With no "pressure" in the system it comes back slowly--some times so slowly that
it doesn`t draw in a fresh charge of fluid to displace the caliper piston movement. repeat until the system "loads up". You can augment this method by removing the circlip and shim
and (taking care not to let the piston to far out) push the piston into the master cylinder and when it returns let it come an extra 10 mm or so (drawing that much more fluid with it to
prime the system on the next push. Because the master cylinder doesnt recharge until the piston almost bottoms out on the shim you can have a much better brake by leaving out
the circlip and the shim and controlling its "out" position with the linkage rod that pushes it during normal operation. (allow the piston to com flush with the end of the master

Note that the repair kits (caliper or MC) are still available at good specialist stores, a bit cheaper than brand new whole kits...

P08, P05 Brembo calipers: Rebuilding these calipers is easy, parts are available everywhere. Note that stainless steel/teflon coated pistons are also available, they improve drastically
the brakes.

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