After the financial difficulties of Aprilia and the denial of Ducati to buy the whole group Aprilia/Moto-Guzzi/Laverda, seems that it will be
Piaggio which will be the new owner of Laverda (see the "actualités" page).

We have to wait to see what will happen but no Laverda project should be done for months...

The "new" SFC 1000 (factory photo) won't never be produced...


The future of Laverda now depends on the new owners of the marque, the last in date being Aprilia.

After the end of the original Laverda factory, there was the Zanè factory era and the series of the 650 Sport, 668, Ghost, Strike and others
750S. If the intention to keep Laverda alive was a great purpose, if it was for all the enthusiasts (and even for others riders who want new
bikes, beyond the market standard) a real hope to get again bikes with character, it's true to say that the results were a disappointment.

With the Aprilia era, here wasthe new SFC 1000!... It seemed to be a very nice bike and it is true that we were all waiting for a real Laverda
with a characterful engine which, at the contrary of the usual ideas, should be surely the vital ingredient for trading success... But Aprilia went
and Piaggio is the new owner of Laverda...

So, I venture to say here what should be the strategy for considering a new Laverda bike in my opinion:

- The first point is to understand
the Laverda character and what it could mean in terms of trade success:
There are on the market only uniform bikes, as for the design and too (and above all) as for the engine feeling. If the lack of character is
common for now in the motorbike market (even for the most powerful engines), it is sure that a lot of customers wait for a real
engine feeling.

The success of the Ducati engines (even for the lower powered ones), for the HD bikes and too for the very expensive and exclusives
models (MV Agusta, Benelli Tre, Ducati Hypersport, ...) can easily prove it.

These potential customers wait for a
torquy engine, with strong sensations, even if it is not an engine of more than 150 hp...

The keyword is: pleasure!

Understand the Laverda character also means that
it's necessary to get the ideas and the feeling of a real expert and a real enthusiast of
the original Laverdamake
, there are a few ones in the world!

- Then, it's necessary to understand that the ideal engine for a Laverda is a
big cubic capacity engine (for torque and power) which keep
the advantages of
a big capacity per cylinder (sensations, deep roaring,...).
A 900 or 1000 cc triple should be ideal and it could remember to the customers the glorious history of the make.
This engine must allow
sensations and pleasure
, not just power.

- A Laverda engine must have
a lot of torque, an almost bad boy attitude but with a very good reliability, a deep and suggestive roaring,
just enough of
good vibes, all this mean that the technical choices must comply with these priorites...
And why not imagine a new 180° engine with a high-tech engine management, able to realize its qualities and control the defaults?
An iron hand in a velvet glove...

- The frame should look like to the engine, massive, rigid, "virile", able to contain the power and the torque of the engine, very stable, with
very good suspension.

- The design is very important
, for the enthusiasts as well as for other customers: The best way is to value past characteristics and in the
same time propose a new design in a market which is tired of the usual concepts (basically: basics, hypersports and customs). Trust in the
Italians for the design but, once again, the ideas of a real enthusiast of the original Laverdas should be welcome.

The resulting new Laverda could be all that, a subtle mix of the past for character and glory, and of specifications to answer to modern
potential customers.

Please, Mr Piaggio, please, please, please, please, please, please, please.........................

Projet personnel...

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