Laverda specialists, clubs and passionnate homepages.

Wolfgang Haerter: (One of the best specialists, parts, ...) New great website with catalog.. Sell also DMC ignitions with english manual.
Paul Leclair home page

Marnix Van Der Schalk

Specific site about the fabulous SFCs
Théo home page
Excellent global Italian bikes site
Italdoc website

Ralph Allen: Specialist, parts dealer, very nice and helpful guy.
Miura: New and used parts.
Tom Mc Lree: Realize very beautiful inlet stubs for 1000, alternator extractor, at a very good price
Chris Wilson home page
Richtea Laverda homepage
Calere Laverda : Excellent spécialist for Breganze bikes, very helpful.

Jim Eade motorcycles: Specialist, parts dealer,...
Fax: 02-9799 9798
Laverda Australia: Home site of
Stephen Battiston, a "serious Laverda nutter" as he says himself!
John Wilson: IIS electronic ignitions
John Scerri: Lytedrive system
Geoff Pascoe home page:
Very interesting site
Tim home page: Very interesting site about 1975 triple.

German registry and forum
Laverda Racingteam Konstanz: Specialist, complete catalog for 750 and1000, one of the biggest parts dealer.
Moto Brelamo
Parts, restoration
DMC: Electronic ignitions. See
Laverda Racingteam Konstanz
Chris Rein's home page
Siggi's Laverdino home page
Markus 650/668 Zané website
Team Werndl

Eurospares: Michael Moore site, parts and a lot of technical infos. Very helpful.
Ricky Racer: Laverda parts, Axtell camshafts
Ed Lutz home page
Eric Bergman home page
Eric Trosper's site
Stephen' site
Scott Potter's site

ITAL RACER (Richard Gallici): Parts, reasonable prices. 720, chemin de Bouanoura, 83510 LORGUES. 00 33 (0)
Laverdatester: Covering the Zane Laverda. Also:

LaverdaCorsa: Wonderful site managed by Philippe.
Forza Laverda
: Another nice french website about the Laverda -Zane factory

Oro Ricardo: Specialist, original parts
Fax: 0445/87 3005
Luciano Pozzoli: All pistons and rings for Laverda, including rarest types like for first series SFC. Able to build
pistons according to customer request.

Steve Carr home page:
Very beautiful and aesthetic site.
Skarloey homepage
Laverda mania
Enzo: Importer, parts dealer.
Joachim Johansson home page
Tommi's home page
Club USA

International Laverda Owners Club

Laverda Owners Club USA
Laverda Club Nederland
Amicale 750 Laverda
Laverda Club de Suède
Laverda in New Zealand
Laverda Club Suisse
Laverda Club Danemark
Laverda Club de France (e-mail)
Laverda Club Berlin
Laverda freunde villingen
Laverda Club Japan


France: Laverdamania Forum:


Mailing-list and pictures:

Laverdamania mailing list:

Picture website linked to Laverdamania:

Wonderful Paul LeClair's site: The
biggest Laverda community, 1400 members!

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Others sites

Motobrio: (Motorbike accessories, shopping on line)

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