The Caribbean welcomed me for some years now. I propose you to visit these beautiful tropical islands with some photos taken during my rides in Martinique and Saint-Martin with my 1977 1000 Laverda 3CL.

Martinique island (18°05N/063°03W):

Martinique 1 The 1000 Laverda in the village of Trois-Ilets( "Pointe du Bout")
Martinique 2 Beach of "Anses d'Arlet"
Martinique 3 Along the Caribbean coast, near the city of St-Pierre
Martinique 4 St-Pierre and the volcano "Montagne Pelée" which destroyed the city in 1902
Martinique 5 St-Pierre
Martinique 6 Beach of "Salines"
Martinique 7 The Laverda triple in front of a farm which products bananas and pinapples
Martinique 8 The Beach of "grosses roches"
Martinique 9 The Laverda on the "Trace" road, tropical vegetation and montains
Martinique 10 Trace road, which cross the island from North to South
Martinique 11 The 3CL takes a rest...
Martinique 12 Mountain torrent on Trace road
Martinique 13 The village of Fond-St-Denis

Saint-Martin island (14°40N/061°05W):

Saint-Martin 1 Welcome to St-Martin!
Saint-Martin 2 Philipsburg, the Dutch side capital.
Saint-Martin 3 Ride on the West coast.
Saint-Martin 4 Along the beaches.
Saint-Martin 5 Coming back from the beach...
Saint-Martin 6 The local police enjoys the best bikes !...
Saint-Martin 7 The casinos, the favourite hobby in St-Martin...
Saint-Martin 8 The restaurant "Banana's" near Simpson Bay.
Saint-Martin 9 "Bobby's marina" at Philipsburg.
Saint-Martin 10 On the harbour...
Saint-Martin 11 The natural harbour of Oyster Pond
Saint-Martin 12 The Sunset Bar on Maho Bay.
Saint-Martin 13 Maho Bay. In the background, the Saba island called the "women island", a great place!...

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