Here are pictures of spécial Laverdas :

Laverda Di Fazio: (Photos Andy Lloyd)
This is the only road Laverda Di Fazio, derivated from the famous "Nessie" conceived by Mead and Tomkinson, this bike notably ran
the 1974 Bol d'Or.
Its special front suspension was built to solve the problems of the traditionnal telescopic front forks.

Laverda Martin:   Laverda Motodd:

Laverda Motoplast: (Photo Pat)

Special and rare frame, the Motoplast has been used by Laret/Gauthier at the 1980 Bol d'Or.

Laverda Winterton: (Photos Steve Winterton)

Famous english specialist, Steve Winterton built this special Laverda 120°. His purpose was to build a bike that looked factory built rather
than modified, so many parts from different Laverda models were used. The specifications include a factory racing head, 78 mm slipper pistons,
close ratio gearbox, full flow oil filter, 48mm brake calipers, Brembo floating discs , and lots of custom made parts.

Winterton son! His 750 Laverda twin is special as the engine contains a 270° crank instead of 360°. It delivers the power of 85cv and the sound is close to the Ducati L-twin engine one.


Laverda Doug HOME: (Photo D. Home)

The Beast! Re-bored engine, HC pistons, twin spark cylinder head, twin IIS ignition, Exup, Keihin carbs, 11 liters airbox, GSXR wheels, special brakes with custom adapters, Race Tech gold valves on the suspensions, custom camshafts, ....................

This bike is probably one of the most powerful Laverda triple and it is still in progress.

Doug is still working on it, trying to get the most torquy engine he can, notably thanks to a enormous and intelligent work on cams.

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